Author Dirk Trost was born in Duisburg in 1957. Even as a young boy he spent his summer holidays in East Frisia, browsing the adventure stories of Enid Blyton, Erich Kaestner and – on long winter evenings – the “forbidden” mystery books of his grandfather, who thought they were securely hidden in the back of the closet. What could be a more logical result than writing his own adventure story – or, even better, his own whodunit? It took 50 years until this childhood dream came true with the story of the former defense attorney Jan de Fries.

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A Murderous Storm Novel

A Murderous Storm

When former attorney Jan de Fries heads out fishing in the North Sea, he expects to return home with nothing but a fresh catch. He is shocked to find the body of a young woman in his fishing net instead of the shrimp he was trawling for…

24-7 Pilsum

24/7 für Pilsum

When former attorney Jan de Fries arrives at Pilsum he quite literally falls into the dark dungeons of an old vaulted cellar – and into a bizarre scenerie: A man, half naked, hangs head down from the ceiling. With an ugly hole in his head…

Hundstage für Greetsiel

Hundstage für Greetsiel

Volume Three of the Jan de Fries series is in production. In it our hero has to help a friend in great peril. And even though much has to remain in the dark for now, one thing can be told: it’s going to be hot. Hot as hell! Planned for release in Germany in July 2016.

Jan de Fries crime novel volume 4

Volume 4

After the book is before the book. With the manuscript for the third volume freshly out to publishing, murderous threads are spun for the fourth installment already. The new story is all about a brutal murder that took place at the harbor of Greetsiel, a picturesque little town in East Frisia. And again Jan de Fries gets a deeper look inside the human mind – a murderous mind!