About the Author

Author Dirk Trost was born in Duisburg and spent his summer holidays in East Frisia since when he was a small boy. He took every opportunity to stick his nose deep into his favourite books, browsing the adventure stories of Enid Blyton, Erich Kaestner and, on long winter evenings, his grandfather’s “forbidden” mystery novels, which he thought safely hidden in the back of the closet.

So what could be more logical than to go about writing an adventure story oneself? Or, even better, to have a go at a real whodunit? It would take decades until this childhood dream came true with the story about Jan de Fries, the former lawyer. But it was clear from the outset where the action would take place – in East Frisia!

His desire to write brought the successful series of novels about Jan de Fries and his dog Motte to life. But that doesn’t mean that the author only has crime stories in mind – there’s romance and emotions, as well, and his new novel “Tango in Lissabon” is there to prove it.

Over the years, Dirk Trost had written regularly for newspapers and has published his first reference book when he remembered his childhood dream and began working on the first “Jan de Fries” crime novel. Success came huge, and quite unexpected, leading the author to develop ideas for the second Jan de Fries story sooner than planned. Ideas that had haunted him for years.

Currently, the third “Jan de Fries” novel is in progress and, yet again, takes the reader to East Frisia, to a picturesque little place called Krummhörn. And this time it’s… hot. Burning hot!

Expected release date: May 1, 2016

Dirk Trost in jungen Jahren