Moin *

If you love East Frisia as much as I do you’re either an East Frisian, or have a special relationship with this wonderful little place. The North Sea coast enchants everyone with its unique blend of sky, clouds, sandy beaches, seemingly endless dunes and an ever-changing coastline. A natural paradise as the Wadden Sea National Park with its rough landscape and the exceptional flora and fauna is found nowhere else in the world. So it’s no wonder that Jan de Fries came back to this harsh landscape to come to terms with himself. His marriage was not to the best and his job had him firmly in grip. What was intended as a professional time-out would soon become a new phase in the life of the former defense lawyer. And Greetsiel would be his new home.

However, it’s not always peaceful in quiet East Friesia. Immerse yourself in the world of Krummhörn and accompany Jan de Fries to Juist in pursuit of his first case to Juist. Take a trip to Sylt and meet lovable and quirky people in the small sea-side town of Greetsiel. On your journey you will experience many deja-vus and you will certainly see East Frisia from an entirely new perspective.

I wish you much pleasure reading in a beach chair or on the couch at home.

Moin, Dirk Trost

* Only babblers say “Moin Moin”.


The following novels are published by Dirk Trost:

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