Tango in Lissabon

Franka and Karl live in Berlin. And though they live not far apart, they would never have met in everyday life. A dramatic event surprised the two fatefully and guides them off their usual paths. Completely unexpected, they suddenly face each other – in the fascinating and unknown world of the Tango Argentino.

The passionate dance of Rio de la Plata fascinates them magically from the first moment and triggers a storm of unimagined feelings: a sense of desire, devotion and melancholy make their way. The interplay between distance and intimacy, elegance and eroticism captures and inspires them equally. Their newly discovered passion for the most sensual dance in the world leads Franka and Karl to Portugal, where a tango in Lisbon changed the lives of the two forever.

Tango in Lissabon Cover

»Tango in Lissabon« will be published in German in Juni 2017.