Author Dirk Trost was born in Duisburg in 1957. Even as a young boy he spent his summer holidays in East Frisia, browsing the adventure stories of Enid Blyton, Erich Kaestner and – on long winter evenings – the “forbidden” mystery books of his grandfather, who thought they were securely hidden in the back of the closet. What could be a more logical result than writing his own adventure story – or, even better, his own whodunit?

His desire to write brought the successful series of novels about Jan de Fries and his dog Motte to life. But that doesn’t mean that the author only has crime stories in mind – there’s romance and emotions, as well, and his new novel “Tango in Lissabon” is there to prove it.

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Tango in Lissabon Cover

Tango in Lissabon

Franka and Karl live in Berlin. They do not live far apart, but they would never have met in everyday life. A dramatic event surprised the two fatefully and leads them off their usual paths. Completely unexpected, they suddenly face each other – in the fascinating and unknown world of the Tango Argentino.

A Murderous Storm Novel

A Murderous Storm

When former attorney Jan de Fries heads out fishing in the North Sea, he expects to return home with nothing but a fresh catch. He is shocked to find the body of a young woman in his fishing net instead of the shrimp he was trawling for…