24/7 for Pilsum

The second case for Jan de Fries.

When former attorney Jan de Fries receives a call from his friend Uz in the middle of the night he gets a feeling that something’s wrong at the Krumhörn. Immediately he goes to Pilsum where he stumbles, in the dark recesses of an exclusive club, into a gruesome scene: a man, half naked, hangs face-down from the ceiling. With an ugly hole in his head. He’s helped out by the club’s owner, a young lady who is in a rather troubled position herself: the police are about to arrest her – on charges of murder.

Jan’s investigations steer him right into a series of brutal and deeply disturbing events, during which he is ultimately confronted with his own hidden fears. Then, one full moon night he’s on the way to the twin mills of Greetsiel…

24-7 Pilsum

“24/7 for Pilsum”, the English novel, will be released in spring 2016 and will be available as a paperback or Kindle e-book from Amazon.

For the German edition of this novel, please click here.