Pharisäer für Norddeich

The fifth case for Jan de Fries.

The romantic fishing village Greetsiel groans under the extremely hot temperatures, which during the so-called Hundstage also turn the drying beach of Upleward into an incubator. The “Schlickschlittenrennen” should be the highlight of this year’s Watts Championship in Upleward. But when Jan de Fries’ racing team Sirius finds the remains of a dismembered and burnt corpse in the middle of the river next to the race track, the happy Volksfest comes to a brutal end.

But there’s more to come. The dead man in the watt is only the first victim of a bestial murderer. The second one is hanged to death right in front of the eyes of an entire summer night ball in Pewsum. Jan de Fries cannot believe it when the alleged perpetrator is presented, and thus determines to do his own investigation. Shortly, however, he finds himself at high risk.

Pharisaer für Norddeich. The fifth case for Jan De Fried, by Dirk Trost

“Pharisäer für Norddeich”, the fifth case for Jan de Fries, will be available as soft cover and ebook on Amazon’s Edition M.